Increase Revenue, Eliminate Fraud

Verify the identity of every shopper & kick online fraud out of the equation.

Prevent Fraud Now & Forever

Trustev’s real-time online identity verification eliminates fraud from your e-commerce transactions. Let our rigorous authentication technologies deal with fraudsters, so you can serve your real customers.

Saving You

  • Money

  • Man Hours

  • Reputation



Trustev verifies the authenticity of a customer’s social profile by examining data patterns and metadata for signs of suspicious activity, all while honoring the privacy of all users.


Trustev invisibly analyzes the customer’s activity as they move through your website and checkout process, looking for abnormalities and suspicious behavior.


Trustev’s digital fingerprinting technology automatically matches each user’s transactional, device, and browser data against all records in our database, identifying and eliminating troublemakers before they have a chance to defraud you.

Trustev’s platform fights fraud on three fronts: social, behavioral and transactional. We give users the option of letting us verify their social network profile, vetting data for authenticity while respecting their privacy. We analyze each user’s journey through your website, flagging suspicious activity. And we automatically compare each user’s digital fingerprint to all records in our database, eliminating known fraudsters previously identified across Trustev’s network of millions of transactions.

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