Reduce fraud, but increase sales

Increase revenues by 2%.

Reduce fraud to near zero.

Lower your cost for fraud prevention.

How can it solve your issue?

Stop fraudulent transactions

Detect fraudulent logins

Customer selects goods to purchase and checks out online


Trustev vets the transaction using 1000s of datapoints


We instantly show the risk, and block fraud automatically


Purported customer comes to login screen, attempts to access


Trustev analyzes the user via 1000s of datapoints


We spot bogus logins and can flag or block the attempt



As a leader in the prepaid space, with over $1.2 billion in revenues, Blackhawk Network is a prime target for fraudsters. The challenge was to block determined fraudsters using multiple accounts on one device.


The company deployed Trustev to its site, and allowed the software to fingerprint visitors and automatically block high-risk users trying to access the site via multiple accounts.


The system reduced this fraud problem from 70 to 100 fraud instances per day to just 2 or 3, while simultaneously allowing genuine customers to transact.

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