Higher revenues, with lower fraud

Increase revenues by 2%.

Reduce fraud to near zero.

Lower your cost for fraud prevention.

How can it solve your issue?

Stop fraudulent purchases

Detect loyalty fraud

Customer selects flight/room and checks out online


Trustev vets the transaction using 1000s of datapoints


We instantly show the risk, and block fraud automatically


Purported customer comes to login screen, attempts to access


Trustev analyzes the user via 1000s of datapoints


We spot bogus logins and can flag or block the attempt

How Trustev made fraud prevention simple at a major European OTA


Fraud was increasing, and had become very costly by diverting resources into manual reviews of online transactions, instead of sales and customer service.


The company deployed Trustev in Ireland, and set up automation for clear good and bad visitors, and a limited number of manual reviews, for edge cases. Deployment took weeks.


Manual reviews of transactions were reduced to virtually zero, by tightly controlling the flagging of edge cases. Over 90% savings in costs, for transaction outsorting.

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