Standards Compliance

The company has invested heavily in meeting comprehensive security standards, including ISO 27001 certification. The process included:

  • audits
  • analysis
  • site visits with recommendations
  • software and system methodologies
  • ongoing certification and findings

Overview of security measures

To learn greater details of our security measures, please contact us. They are divulged only as needed, to satisfy clients who (rightfully) expect assurances of high security standards.

As a brief overview, here are top-level details of our approach:
  • We are ISO 27001 certified ourselves.
  • We use ISO 27001 certified organizations and services, such as Microsoft and Google, for our software needs.
  • All staff are security-trained and regularly refreshed on security best practices.
  • Our offices are secured with multiple layers, and operate a clean desk policy.
  • Systems require two-factor authentication, and access is proceduralized, to limit all access to all systems unless it is reviewed and approved, as warranted.
  • IT and datacenters are redundant across multiple sites, to ensure high uptime and to meet our sub-500 millisecond realtime response SLA.

We will be happy to discuss any concerns you have around security. For details, please get in touch: