Customer Setup

We are delighted that you have decided to use Trustev’s services. We aim to make the process of setting up with Trustev as easy and quick as possible.

This document will give you a high-level view of what we need to get you up and running.


Customer Account Set-Up

We’ll need you to complete our business application form (link below) to capture details needed to bill you timely & accurately



We’ll schedule an integration kick off call to understand integration requirements. Provide you with all documentation needed and help you to integrate as quickly & easily as possible



We’ll spend two weeks ‘listening’ to your data and next two weeks for configuring your site. Finally, issue you with a report and a final fraud configuration for go-live


1. Customer account set-up

In order for us to set you up as a customer so we can send bills accurately, on-time and to the correct person in your organisation, please fill out your details.

First, please complete our business application form.

(If you later need to amend your credit card details, you can visit:
Card in US dollars
Card in euros)


2. Integration

Integration to the Trustev platform involves 4 straightforward steps and our integration team will arrange a call to explain the process with your developer before you get started.
1.   Setting Up
Please contact Integration Team to get set up by visiting our support portal and completing the Integration form INTEGRATION FORM
2.   JavaScript Integration
This involves inserting the Trustev JavaScript code into your relevant website(s) so that we can gather details of your customer’s activity on your site(s).
3.   API Integration
This is the largest part of the integration, where you integrate our API to send us relevant customer information for a transaction: customer, payment, social and status. You will then request a call to receive a Trustev decision on this data.
4.   Moving into Production
Once our integration team has confirmed that all the data is being received correctly you will be issued with Live Keys. Integration Team will monitor the site for 24 hours, once your Live Keys are implemented in order to validate data is being received as expected. Then you are ready to move into the Calibration Phase with our Fraud Team.
Our integration documentation is available online at

3. Calibration phase

DAY 1 - Calibration Commencement

1. We will schedule weekly Fraud Workshop calls with your fraud team to review accuracy, rates and decision quality and discuss findings to date. All dashboards and review screens will begin populating and we will walk through examples and provide end users with best practices.

DAY 1-14 : Listening Phase and fraud trend identification

2. Two-week listening period: during this period our fraud team will review your Trustev Decisions and build extensive profiles in the data to guarantee detection of fraud profiles within the decision logic. We will also conduct an extensive Decision Quality review to ensure continuous accuracy improvements and minimal false positive rates. At this stage we also can implement any business rules required.

DAY 14-30 : Fine Tuning and production preparation

3. The Final 2 weeks is a fine tuning stage where we implement changes based on trends, false positives and negatives to ensure that the logic is in line with any business rules and fraud trends identified. At this stage we will begin preparing all black/gray/white lists from historical data and build customer histories.

DAY 30 - Calibration complete - Trustev is now LIVE

4. Once these final configurations are complete and you are satisfied with the design logic in place, we will provide a summary of calibration report in order to given you an insight into the logic, highlight scenarios, fraud identified and the benefits. We will set up a call to discuss the some of the finding and confirm next steps. Once our decision is begin used in production you will have round the clock support and have a dedicate Fraud Specialist who will be monitoring your data daily for trends, spikes in activity and ensuring the highest level of Decision Quality.

For any queries during the Calibration phase, please visit our support portal and contact the Fraud team via our support portal Fraud


4. That’s it! You have now:

1.    Set up as a customer with Trustev
2.    Configured correctly for your industry to get the most accurate Trustev Decisions
3.    Integrated fully and received your live keys
4.    Completed your Calibration Phase
You are now fully live with Trustev.

Thanks again!

Let’s boost sales and block fraud