Increase sales

Your current fraud prevention software is likely blocking 2% of real customers: it lowers sales, upsets buyers, and wastes marketing dollars.

Trustev gets much of that 2% of revenues back.

Eliminate fraud

Our new approach of pattern-matching thousands of datapoints can reduce fraud levels to 0.1% or less – a fraction of today’s average.

Today’s technology misses a lot of fraud. Trustev does not.

Stop manual reviews

Large retailers need tens or even hundreds of people to review transactions manually for fraud, because their software can’t do it automatically.

Trustev does a better job than humans at detecting fraud.

Reduce those costs by 90% or more.

Sell to the world

Most e-tailers sell to a very limited number of countries, heavily driven by the high risk of fraud.

With Trustev, you can be assured that when you sell internationally, your customers are real and not fraudulent.

Calculate your upside

See what Trustev could do for your company: